Solid Wheel V3 Yellow 8,5×2-6,1 [Nedong]

EAN: 8420000443089

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Solid Wheel V3 Yellow 8,5×2-6,1 Nedong Brand

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Solid Wheel V3 Yellow 8,5×2-6,1Nedong Brand

Solid wheel made of extra soft material. They are the lightest and most vibration-absorbing solid wheels. It is by far the most durable and grippy solid wheel on the market.

Do not install on skids exceeding 40km/h.
Before installation, take into account:
1- Designed for maximum speeds of 40 km/h, if exceeded it may come off the rim.
2-Increases considerably the noise generated when driving.
3- It is not necessary to heat it to install it.

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